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Who we are


Pardevalles Estate was founded in 1949 by Rafael Alonso, in line with a family tradition going back generations dedicated to growing grapes and making wine. At the present time the 2nd and 3rd generations of the family operate the Estate, preserving the essence with which it was founded.




The philosophy of the Estate is grounded in making wines which express the character and identity of their origin, with a deep respect for the earth and the indigenous varieties of grape, combining tradition, innovation, and good work.





Pardevalles has the recognition of being one of the drivers of the O.D. Leon, betting on the development of indigenous varieties, Picudo Prieto and Albarín Blanco. The winery is located in the village of Valdevimbre Leon, near the Camino de Santiago, and famous for its centuries-old caves where once wine was produced. Currently, the winery combines modern facilities for the production of wines with a cave for more than 300 years old casks where the park is located.




Quienessomos1The Estate has 38 hectares of vineyard itself, planted with the indigenous varieties Prieto Picudo and Albarín Blanco. On these hectares precision vine growing is practised in order to harvest the highest quality grapes. The vineyards are based on quaternary soils with a large amount of rounded stones in the soil which absorb the heat of the sun during the day. This helps the plant to bear the low temperatures at night as well as to improve the ripening of the grapes. Climatology: Very continental, noticeable due to the high altitude of the vineyard (750 - 860 m), with marked differences between maximum and minimum temperatures and sharp thermal contrasts between the day and the night - circumstances which favour the development of aromatic substances in the skin of the grape. Average annual precipitation 400 - 500 mm. Earth: Plains of poor and rocky soils of alluvial origin.








Quienessomos2It is a historic subterranean cave which is more than 300 years old where the wine ages naturally and at a constant temperature of 12 ºC and a humidity of 75 - 80% all year round. The barrel room is made up of 125 barrels made of French and American oak.