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Wine tourism

Wine tourism

Wine tourism: a journey of all five senses through the culture and history of wine.

We will start our journey in the vineyard, getting to know the indigenous varieties in the field, Prieto Picudo and Albarín Blanco, their history and their evolution. You can feel the earth with your hands, know what vine growing is close up, and the techniques we use with our vines. Later we can go inside the winery to discover the different kinds of wine that we make, white, rosé, and red. You can get to know the traditional manufacturing processes and see the latest technology in use, as well as the aging and storage of the wine. We will finish the visit with a taste of several wines paired with a seasonal product so that you leave the estate with a great taste in your mouth and the best possible memories.

Approximate duration: 1.5 hours. Request a Prior Appointment.


SERVICES: Parking, disabled access.
NEAR: Restaurants and accommodation Distance: 1km
LOCATION: 20 Km south of the city of Leon.
2 Km. from the town of Valdevimbre and near the A66, exit 160.
OPENING TIMES: hours Saturdays at 12 noon.

All visits must be arranged by appointment.

Other Activities


Enjoy traditional local cuisine in one of the famous caves- Valdevimbre Restaurant. Located in ancient caves dug by hand in the mud, all close to the winery.

Cave Restaurant "La Cave cure": Telf.: 987 30 40 37

Cave Restaurant "Los Poinos": Tel .: 987 30 40 18

Cave Restaurant "The Tunnel": Tel .: 987 30 40 38

Cave Restaurant "San Simon": Tel .: 987 30 40 96

Cave Restaurant "Cave Marcos": Tel .: 987 30 41 77

Cueva Restaurante "Miñambres": Telf.: 987 304 245

Hotel "Casa Fidel": 987 304 187

Hotel "La casa del Medico": 646 187 544